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Helping fuel children's growing bodies


"We love the incorporation of the veggies into the dishes!

It's awesome knowing the children are receiving all their needed nutrients each day"

- Ainsley, Director, exceeding service


Junior by The Key to Goodness is a boutique, Sydney based food service specialising in fresh, nutritionally-balanced meals within the Early Years/ Childcare sector.

We believe food should not only be nutritious, it should also help to meet the social, cultural and educational needs of the children.


Our team is made up of childcare professionals, chefs and a nutritionist, all with the common goal to provide children with delicious, nutritionally balanced and nutrient- dense foods.


  • Munch & move approved

  • Halal certified

  • Egg & nut free

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Our 4-week rotational menu covers morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, fresh fruit & veg.

All allergy needs are catered to. We adjust the seasonal menu to suit children's requirements, that way no child feels like they are missing out!

Our veggies are incorporated into the meals in a subtle way that won’t be obvious to fussy little eaters.

Compliance is covered with us, we take care of the constantly changing nutrition guidelines and kitchen regulations.

Our meals are easy to heat and prepare, which means less time in the kitchen and more time doing what educators do best, caring for your little ones!

Sources of added fat, sugar and salt are limited in all meals


Child eating meal

"TKG Junior was a saviour when we were left without a cook. Any of our educators are able to prepare lunch, it's so simple and straight forward, plus has saved on wages as we haven't needed to replace our cook" 

-Lucy, director


Our menu has been designed to perfectly meet health standards and regulations whilst introducing children to different cuisines, flavours and textures to develop a healthy relationship with food. We base our menu planning on three key national health documents; The Australian Dietary Guidelines, The Infant Feeding Guidelines and Munch and Move.

Sources of added fat, sugar and salt are limited

Children are offered a variety of vegetables (at least 2-3 different types per day and 5 different types per week)

Children are offered a variety of fruit daily (at least 2-3 types per day and 5 different types per week)

High fibre (wholemeal and wholegrain)are the main grain foods served

Children are offered at least 1 children’s serve of lean meat, poultry, fish or vegetarian alternatives per child per day in order to ensure adequate protein intake

We offer a variety of meals from different cultures and with different tastes, colours and textures as well as utilising a wide selection of quality meats, poultry and ingredients

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*Includes morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea samples for 10 serves*
What day best suits your sevice for a trial?

Please note that dietary requirements will not be catered for in this trial.

We will be in contact with you in regards to delivery info and more.

We look forward to the beautiful children at your service trying our meals!


Enquire now to receive our current price list.

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